Asset Integrity

Assuring asset integrity is critical to our business. We design, build and co-operate assets which are safe, reliable, and meet or exceed their specified design purpose.

Our asset integrity framework ensures we take a structured and consistent approach to integrity across all Proxion operations.

The framework comprises our:

  • asset integrity policy
  • asset integrity standard
  • guidance documents
  • a toolkit of supporting processes

We conduct detailed audits of projects and major sites to determine compliance with our asset integrity standard. Our teams continually look to prevent and mitigate events which could lead to major accidents.

Integrity data is collected from our operated sites and installations and reviewed every month, helping our teams to anticipate potential issues and providing a forum for peer review and support.

Integrity Assurance can avoid or reduce the risk of:

  • major incidents in construction and operations
  • unreliable operating performance
  • major accidents leading to:
    1. serious injuries or loss of life
    2. asset loss with consequential economic and reputational damage