Integrated Mass Transfer Installation Site Services (IMTISS) is a services provider for Oil & Gas, Industrial turnaround and shutdown projects with a special focus on mass transfer and separation equipment’s. IMTISS designs and manufactures column internals, trays, packing and separations equipment, gas processing solutions and liquid separation systems and provides engineering, site services, commissioning and start-up services. Its mission is to deliver tailored solutions for its customers through an extraordinary focus on efficiency and performance. IMTISS is committed to achieving the highest standards in health, safety and environmental responsibility.

    2014 Highlights
    • Separator Shutdown and Turnaround – Glacier Energy/TAQA TERN ALPHA Platform
    • Offshore Crude Dehydrator Internals & Plate Pack Design, Manufacture – Glacier Energy/TAQA TERN ALPHA Platform
    • Column internals and Rashig Rings design and supply – BASF
    • Design and supply of IMT-1000 Wire Gauze Packing – Akzo Nobel
    Services and Products
    • Process & Column Internals
    • Process Consultancy
    • Turnaround & Shutdowns
    • Oil Field Services and Manpower
    • Spares and Hardware
    • Technical Assistance


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