Oil & Gas Separation Technology

Scope of work

  • Conventional Oil, Water, Sand Separation technologies
  • Advanced Oil, Water, Sand Separation technologies
  • Inline Separation
  • Distillation and Absorption Technologies
  • Separation and revival of H2S and CO2
  • Gas/Liquid Separation

Some of what we did in 2015

  • Oil Water Separation technology for Petrofac/AIES UZ750 field in Abu Dhabi .
  • Crude Dehydration technology/internals for TAQA Tern Alpha Platform, Aberdeen.
  • Vacuum distillation trays for 6000 BPD VDU in Iraq.

Our companies

  • IMTISS LTD – Separation equipment manufacturers, supplier and installer
  • Proxion Process – Process design house with In-house separation technology and licensor