Strategy Overview

We aim to deliver predictable, sustainable and profitable growth through a robust strategy, strong management and leading operational performance. Our business model is structured to assist and grow several specialised services and technology companies with emphasis on oil, gas & refining. With a “stronger together” approach this allows Proxion Energy Group to Build Own Operate Production and Refining Facilities utilizing all knowledge and experience with the group, its subsidiaries and JV’s.


Our goal is to create long-term shareholder value

Our strategy is to expand our current subsidiaries to several specialist companies that together can offer the whole package but are solely independent without. We are stronger together and look to increase our core business offerings in existing and into new growth markets by offering greater cost-efficiencies and extending our client base. This will be done by consistently delivering safe, high quality, competitive, on-time solutions to our customers and also offering operational and financing assistance.

How we deliver our strategy

Focus on core and growth markets
We will continue to focus on our existing core markets, namely small scale refineries, separation technology, modular construction, offshore and onshore site services. Our long-term strategic goal is to broaden our service offerings into related markets and build own operate 100,000 BPD of refinery capacity. We intend to leverage our proven expertise in project execution and broaden our EPC service focus within these core markets.

Offer a competitive cost structure
Enhanced competitiveness is a high priority for the management team and a key driver is the implementation of productivity and efficiency measures into our operations to drive down costs and allow us to capture synergies across multiple, major projects, thereby improving our market competitiveness. With the combination of our enhanced key strengths and competitive cost structure, we believe we present an attractive proposition to our clients, delivering superior value for money.

Build on our key strengths
We intend to capitalise on our key strengths of delivering excellent safety and quality, our commitment to reliability, a highly experienced management team and skilled workforce, as well as the strategic location. Our objective is to build on these key strengths to differentiate ourselves against our competitors. We are also creating a culture of continuous improvement, including the use of lessons learned and reporting against the key performance indicators below.

Increased customer focus and satisfaction
We are committed to customer service by developing long-term client relationships and operating a client relationship model that will allow us to increase our prospect pipeline and pursue market opportunities at an early stage. We strive to be the long-term partner of choice and through this we have developed a strong reputation for working collaboratively with our clients, focused on finding solutions tailored to their needs.